In this tutorial I want to show how you can use alluvial plots to visualise model response in up to 4 dimensions. easyalluvial generates artificial data space using fixed values for unplotted variables or uses the partial dependence plotting method. It is model agnostic but offers some convenient wrappers for caret models.

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Basel Biometrics Society Seminar 20191101 Predictive modelling, machine learning and causality Clinical Predictions ML vs. Stats Clinical Prediction Models Log Regression vs ML The EQUATOR network and reporting guidelines for prediction models Enhancing the Quality and Transperancy of healtth research Willi Sauerbrei Altman Moher Book Why Most Published Research Findings Are False ## Torsten Hothorn Score-based transformation learning Boosting - fit baeline model - look at correlation of residuals with features - add feature with highest correlation to the model - repeat

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Dr. Björn Koneswarakantha

Data Scientist